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Emily Lake-"I primarily make borosilicate pendants such as treescapes, seascapes, implosion flowers and many more. I have been working with borosilicate since 1978. I teach off mandrel borosilicate pendant classes around the world, as well as beginning soft glass beadmaking at Annie Rose, New Zealand. My work has been exhibited internationally, and more recently I won "Best Beads in Show" at the Sydney Bead & Gem Show 2005" ~Emily.

FiredDesires-"This medium of glass art will never fail to intrigue me. To obtain the same effect day after day of an indivdual color can elude you at times. What area of the flame to use?, reduction/oxidizing flame?, how long in the flame? , flame strike or kiln strike?, how many cool downs? What color combo's work the best? The variables are endless and can also vary from batch to batch of the glass. The answers can keep you fascinated or frustrated, all at the same time, for hours on end." ~Catharine

Soft Glass

Lenda Dewyer-"Finely crafted lampwork glass focal beads, specializing in painterly and encased florals, nature, warring states, sculptural and more". ~Lenda

B.Brookie White- A professional artist designing focal beads & sets for high fashion jewelry in floral to contemporary styles. I practice the highest production standards for fine, high quality beads. Member: ISGB, ISLAGA" ~B. Brookie White

Robin Kralik-"Made with love, I offer handmade patterned beads in vivid colors from Moretti, Lauscha, and Bullseye. Beads are fully annealed and my website features a year-round holiday bead shop. Please visit me!" ~Robin

Kim Scott- "Heavenly Fire Lampwork. Glass art inspired by Heaven, created by Fire. Custom orders always welcome!" ~Kim

AMR GlassWorks- "I work mainly in soft glass. I make mainly sets and I do throw in a focal here and there. I love making bright beads with lots of detail and patterns. I also make beads that represent chintz and plaid fabric. I make dolls that
can be personalized to represent a person. I teach private lessons in my home studio and I teach intermediate techniques (chintz, plaids, and brights) at Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin, TX". ~Anne~

Angelfire Art Glass-"Fun and funky handcrafted lampwork beads, jewelry and accessories by Sue Harmon-King". ~Sue

Lavender Creek Glass- "Beautiful handmade lampwork by glass bead artist Teresa Laliberte'. Each bead is artfully crafted in the flame and then kiln annealed for lasting beauty. Specializing in gorgeous floral patterns and organic style beads, sets and focals.". ~Teresa

AK Designs-"I specialize in pressed beads a little on the funky side. My beads have intricate patterns with gently raised designs that are perfect for jewelry pieces that will get noticed.". ~Amy

Flame On Glass- "Lampwork & electroformed beads. Featuring focals & sets.". ~Linda James

FiredDesires- "The fascination of making miniature works of art in the flame has been a part of my life for several years. Starting with a base idea, the glass seems to take it's own direction at times, with the end result being not only asthetically pleasing, but can be very unique as well. I find the flame not only hypnotic and relaxing but a tool with which one can express theirselves." ~Catharine

Serena's Beadery- "I love playing with color, so my website has a lot of color choices for many different sets. I really enjoy mixing up my own colors and seeing how they react together. You can find most of my unique handmixed sets on my ebay auctions." ~Serena

Air & Earth Designs- "Handmade lampwork beads in fashionable, fun colors and designs. I'm inspired by colors in fashion and in nature. I specialize in applied stringer, unique color combinations and lots and lots of flowers! I use Effetre, Vetrofond, Lauscha, and Bullseye soft glasses. All beads are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for lasting durability." ~Kandice Seeber

Harriet Harrison- "My work is made using Effetre and Lauscha glass and a variety of frits." ~Harriet